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Weird Coffee Flavors for You

Many Americans love taking coffee. The uptake is generally between two to three cups per person per day. From the above website only about 26% of them do not take coffee every day. It therefore is clear that coffee is an important beverage in America. Further statistics can be found from the website listed above. However, change is inevitable once in a while and that is why there are weird flavors of coffee out there. Nowadays companies manufacture different brands of coffee with different flavors.

Caffeine is very important in coffee but of late people love the flavors more. Caffeine was actually the first drug used for energy boosting purposes and is still being used today. A web page called weirdomatic.com provides further info about these applications of caffeine for this service. The large manufacturers of coffee have continued to increase different tastes of coffee. Read more on weirdomatic.com and check it out!

Among the weird coffee flavors is the one is the bacon-flavored coffee. It has many fans in America and can sometimes have maple syrup overtones. It actually is delicious when taken with bacon. Read more about it at weirdomatic.com and try it now! Most Americans actually like this flavor for their breakfast.

Cookie flavor is another of the weird coffee flavors in the US. From republicaroasters.com you will actually get info on its popularity. Its popularity can be attributed to its partnership with Girl scouts and Dunkin donuts. Holiday seasons are the best for this flavor. Republicaroasters.com provides other ideal times for taking it. The best tastes of the flavor are sugar and mint.

Fruity caffeine is the other coffee flavor among the weird categories. Most fruits can provide this flavor for the coffee. Most common are bananas, apricots, cherries and cranberries but others can be found at republicaroasters.com which you can view here! Difference in caloric amounts in the fruit flavors actually works to provide great taste. From the website republicaroasters.com you will find more on the fruit flavors.

Alcohol-flavored coffee is as weird as it sounds. This is good for alcohol drinkers who would like the taste of alcohol without actually getting drunk. The flavors range from whiskey to bourbon and rum. Lovers of this flavor love the fact that they get both caffeine and alcohol taste from the same drink. Chocolate flavors also fall in this category though not very weird in real sense. Most of them are usually blended to provide unique mixes. The dark-roasted blend has many origins but it is unique with flavors such as spice, chocolate and caramel. Chocolate is the most popular among them. The function of pain relief in caffeine is a good reason for you to love trying the above coffee flavors. Among first drugs used to handle pain in the past was caffeine. Muscular pains are particularly healed by caffeine.