The Ultimate Guide to Marketing

How Construction Companies Can Utilize Digital Marketing

The fierce competition for construction companies online make them struggle with their online marketing strategy. While most of these companies design magnificent architectural designs, some of such designs never get seen by the right audience. In order to work with more satisfied customers, increase their reach and grow their market, construction companies can take advantage of the following helpful digital marketing tips.

It is important that you consider video content since most people would rather watch a marketing campaign rather than read about it. Another benefit of using video content is that it helps to boost rankings. Videos are also more personal and they help the audience get to know you more personally, get to see your work equipment as well as your top contractors.

By using the right social media platform, you are able to make digital marketing work for you. When it comes to construction, people will tend to take in more visuals and graphics and you need a social media platform that can showcase this well. When you do your research, you are able to know the ideal social media page to use between snapchat, Instagram and Facebook as well as the relevant content to post that your audience will like.

By embracing local marketing, you can also take advantage of digital marketing. Most people look for local searches first before they think of construction firms that are miles away. Consider using google maps on your contact list, use location based keywords and claim listings on places like Yelp and Google my business.

Monitoring the speed of your site is also important and consider removing auto play and popups which can easily slow down your site. Slow sites can easily put off potential clients. Your site also gets lower rankings if your page loads up slowly meaning that you will lose your business to your competitors.

Consider also having a mobile friendly site if digital marketing is to work for you. Very few people access sites using desktops and mobile phones have been adapted to do virtually anything. Ensure that you create a construction app where people can chat, check your site and book appointments while on the go.

Make a habit of commenting on content with high traffic. This is important because it gives you a chance to introduce yourself to your audience and establish yourself as an authority. When you leave your signature on such comments, it can drive traffic back to your site.

Ensure that your company is registered to as many digital directories as possible. You get recognized locally when you get listed alongside home improvement companies. Such registration is like being in a phonebook in the future.

Consider having a live chat bot. When you do this, you will not have to answer the same questions from clients. By doing this, it is easy to get basic questions about your company answered.